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fiber optical cables Preformed suspension clamp

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fiber optical cables Preformed suspension clamp

The pre-twisted suspension clamp is used to fix the wire on the insulator string of the linear tower or to suspend the lightning protection line on the linear tower. It can replace the ship type suspension clamps such as XGU and XGF which are widely used on the line.we are provide fiber optical cables Preformed suspension clamp,you can know it.We can guarantee the quality of fiber optical cables Preformed suspension clamp.
 The pre-twisted suspension clamp is made of rubber with a hyperbolic waist drum-shaped damping pad, and the anti-vibration pad is wound with aluminum alloy pre-twisted wire. In addition to the pre-twisted wire, a high-strength aluminum alloy casing is placed, and the casing is externally added. Aluminum alloy U-shaped card.
The pre-twisted suspension clamp uses a hyperbolic waist drum-shaped vibration damping pad to wrap the wire around the suspension, and has the characteristics of large grip strength, small corona, light weight and small magnetic loss. It is especially suitable for 220KV and above, as well as heavy ice area and large span line engineering.
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