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preformed tension clamp

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preformed tension clamp

The mechanical characteristics of the ADSS tensile clamp:

Pre-twisted wire-----made with aluminum-clad steel stranded wire, the inner wall of pre-twisted wire is adhered with a layer of diamond silicon carbide to increase the friction.we are provide preformed tension clamp,you can know it.

The pre-twisted wire is pre-formed into four beamlets during factory processing, avoiding installation errors and facilitating quick installation. The end of the pre-twisted wire is bent radially outward to prevent damage to the cable.

U-shaped hanging ring ---Hot-dip galvanized steel U-shaped hanging ring, which plays the role of connecting with the tower fastener.

PD hanging board ---hot-dip galvanized precision cast PD hanging board, which plays the role of connecting the U-shaped connecting ring and the U-shaped hanging ring, and avoids the fiber-optic cable exiting the tower at the exit of the tensile clamp Too close to ensure that the cable has a large enough bend radius.

Inlay--The hot-dip galvanized precision cast steel inlay is clamped in the U-shaped bending head of the tensile clamp to protect the tensile clamp and extend the connection.

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