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  • 05-01-2019

    What regulations should be met when pre-twisted wire winding treatment?

    Binding repair damage wireWires and lightning conductors are subjected to mechanical forces of various forces during operation and thermal effects of load current, short-circuit current, and lightning current, as well as galvanic corrosion and chemical corrosion external force damage, which may caus

  • 03-01-2019

    china dead end grip manufacturer

    High strength: the clamp has an extra length of the twisting, which ensures that the gripping force can reach the rated breaking force of the ground wire by more than 95%.Our company is preformed dead end grip manufacturer.●Good corrosion resistance: the material is completely consistent with the gr

  • 25-12-2018

    Improve the performance of power fittings

    it also has certain differences when it is used. Some of them are flexible when used. Have their own shortcomings, and some have their own shortcomings in their own convenience.we are preformed dead end grip suppliers.

  • 25-12-2018

    China's power development and forecast in 2020

    the emphasis on domestic resources to focus on the use of two resources and two market directions, the decentralized development of sub-industries to the direction of coordinated development of the system.we are Preformed dead end grip suppliers.

  • 19-12-2018

    Preformed Dead End Grip Suppliers

    1. Stress is distributed equally, without stress focus. It can protect ACSR cables very well. 2. Under the condition of not exceeding the intensity of cable's side pressure, it has higher grip power for the cable, and can support higher tensile force. 3. Simple installation, No special tools needed, and one person can finish the whole installation.we are provide preformed dead end grip suppliers,you can buy it.

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