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Downlead clamp for ADSS

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Downlead clamp for ADSS


Tension clamps are used for cornering, splicing, and terminal connections. The spiral aluminum clad steel wire has strong tensile strength and no concentrated stress, which protects the optical cable and assists in damping.

The complete set of optical cable tensile members include: tensile pre-twisted wire and matching connecting fittings.We are provide downlead clamp for ADSS,you can know it.

 The grip strength of the clamp is not less than 95% of the rated tensile strength of the cable. It is convenient and quick to install and reduces the construction cost. Suitable for ADSS cable lines with a pitch of ≤100 meters and a line angle of <25°


1)The clamp has high strength and reliable grip. The grip strength of the clip is not less than 95% CUTS (the twisted wire calculates the breaking force).

2)The stress distribution of the twisted pair of the clamp is uniform, and the strand is not damaged, which improves the anti-vibration ability of the strand and greatly prolongs the service life of the wire.

3)Simple installation and easy construction. It can greatly shorten the construction time and can be operated by one person without any special tools.

4)The installation quality of the clamp is easy to guarantee and can be inspected with the naked eye without special training.

5)Good corrosion resistance and high quality materials. The material is exactly the same as the wire, ensuring that the clamp has strong resistance to electrochemical corrosion.

6)Optional anti-theft ring to effectively solve the problem of anti-theft.

downlead clamp for ADSS



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