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Home » News » China's power development and forecast in 2020

China's power development and forecast in 2020

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China's power development and forecast in 2020

During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period and the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period or for a longer period of time, China is in a period of promoting the revolution of 

energy production and consumption. From the emphasis on supply and demand to supply and demand, the transition depends on coal to clean energy diversified energy development, 

the emphasis on domestic resources to focus on the use of two resources and two market directions, the decentralized development of sub-industries to the direction of 

coordinated development of the system.we are Preformed dead end grip suppliers.

In the future, China's energy base will be in the form of “5+2” support, namely 5 energy bases—Shanxi, Xinjiang, Mengdong, Southwest, Erdos Basin (including northwestern 

Shaanxi, Yulin, eastern Ningxia, eastern Gansu); Belt - Eastern nuclear power belt and deep sea oil and gas in the South China Sea. In 2020, the 12 provinces in the eastern 

and central regions received 350 million kilowatts of electricity, of which 37.4% came from Jinshan and Mengning. From 2011 to 2020, the newly added electricity in the above 

five places will account for 59% of the country. The National Energy Administration proposed that one of the key points of this year's work is to promote 14 large coal bases, 

9 large coal power bases, and 12 “West to East Power Transmission”. Construction of transmission channels.

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