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AAAC Dead End Grip

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AAAC Dead End Grip

Especially important is that the products produced by our company fully meet the various needs of the country in the transformation and construction of the power grid, which is the best choice for the transformation and construction of the power grid.we are provide AAAC dead end grip,you can know it.

The company will continue to improve product quality and service quality to meet the needs of business management and international integration, and provide customers with comprehensive services.

With advanced production technology, technology and equipment, plus excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, the products of Shanghai Shenyong Company have developed rapidly in China. Some products are sold in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Pre-stranded wire for wire protection - made of galvanized steel wire or aluminium-clad steel wire. The inner wall of the pre-stranded wire is bonded with a layer of particulate diamond to increase friction. The pre-strand is pre-fabricated into four sub-bundles during factory processing, avoiding installation errors and facilitating rapid installation. The end of the pre-strand bends radially outward to avoid squeezing and damaging the cable.

Tensile pre-stranded wire made of galvanized steel wire or aluminium-clad steel wire. 

The pre-stranded wire is pre-fabricated bundles when processed in the factory. A firm layer of diamond sand is adhered to the inner wall to increase the grip force of the tension clamp under the condition of reducing the lateral pressure of the cable.

AAAC dead end grip



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